picture vocabulary for repleteIt is said that once you are replete with the treasures of the heart, the treasures of the storehouse will accumulate without any effort. So, lets all of us be repletes (reservoirs) of both types of treasures.

Pronunciation: ri-pleet

The dictionary definitions for replete are as follows:
1) Abounding, full/filled, abundant
2) Stuffed to the point of satiation

Master tip to learn replete:

Replete can be learnt by associating the word with a picture of the food that you like the most and would want to eat till you are stuffed. Once you are stuffed, you would know you are replete with that thing.

Further, repletes in another word originating from replete. Repletes basically mean living reservoirs in the world of ants that regulate the supply of food as and when their nest mates ask for it. As repletes are living reservoir then replete is one living reservoir.

Replete can be used in the following ways:
1) His house is replete with rats. (Adjective)
2) He is replete with cherries and has no intention of eating anything else. (Adjective)
3) Storehouse is repletely supplied with eatables. (Adverb)
4) His good behaviour was indicator of repleteness of his mind with happiness. (Noun)

Note: Replete also means complete. For example, he has a charter that is replete with all the rules and regulations or a refrigerator replete with all the components. However,complete is generally not accepted as synonym for replete.

Source: http://www.thefreedictionary.com/replete

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