Picture for ReprehensibleWhen we blame someone for our unhappiness, then it is perhaps that he/she deserves the blame. And, trust yourself, being human sometimes and blaming others for once will not hurt anyone. Its first known usage dates back to 1350-1400 and it is an adjective.

Pronunciation: rep-ri-hen-suh-buhl

Meanings of Reprehensible:

1) Someone deserving blame and reproach/scolding
2) Someone deserving criticism/disapproval

Master’s tip to learn Reprehensible:

Reprehensible can be learnt with the help of a character in Harry Potter .i.e. Lord Voldemort. His character is such that he attracts disapproval and reproach from muggles and magic folks alike. His character and his ugliness are both reprehensible and epitome of the word reprehensible.

Sentences examples for Reprehensible:

1) He is known for his reprehensible acts of violence against animals. (Adjective)
2) Reprehensibility of his acts/character makes him undesirable in his neighbourhood. (Noun)
3) He is a man of reprehensible character. (Adjective)
4) I have always moved towards him reprehensibly, but this time I was forced to change my views regarding him due to his kindness words a stranger. (Adverb)

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