Reprimand is official rebuke by the police. During the terrorist attack on the Taj hotel in Mumbai, police came into action to reprimand the guilty.

PRONUNCIATION: rep-ruh-mand

Dictionary definitions for drudgery are as follows:
1. To reprove severely, especially in a formal or official way.
2. A severe, formal, or official rebuke or censure.
3. Severe reproof for a fault; reprehension, private or public.
4. an act or expression of criticism and censure
5. censure severely or angrily

You must have seen the movie ” oye lucky lucky oye ! ” in which abhay deol ( lucky ) was a clever thief but he in the end was reprimand by the police.
It can be effectively broken down into rep+remand, the remand police takes you in when you break the law.

1. Lately my supervisor has been using emails to ‘reprimand’ me.
2. Peter King – did so not to argue his innocence but to say that a reprimand was the right punishment.
3. He received a severe reprimand for his irresponsibility.
4. If you keep commanding, bossing on your peers you will be reprimanded someday by them.

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