picture vocabulary for repudiateWhen you rubbish an idea or reject a person that means you are repudiating that person or an idea. It is a verb. Its first usage dates back to 1545 and has originated from Latin repudiates, which is a past participle of repudiare, which has originated from repudium. It means rejection of a prospective spouse.

Pronunciation: ri-pyoo-dee-eyt

Meanings of Repudiate

1) To reject the legitimacy or authority of something or someone
2) To reject an idea or an accusation
3) Refuse to recognize something for what it is
4) To disown and to divorce or reject a person

Master’s tip to learn Repudiate:

Repudiate can be easily learnt while associating the word to a situation in the movie Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. In the movie when Snape kills Dumbeldore, former rejected/repudiated the authority of the latter.
It can also be confused with the word refudiate, as repudiate and refudiate means to reject something or to refuse to acknowledge something.

Sentence Examples for Repudiate

1) You can repudiate me as your daughter. (Verb)
2) He was implored to repudiate the idea and so he did. (Verb)
3) Drudgery of the idea made it repudiable/repudiative. (Adjective)
4) He repudiated the debt that his father had acquired from people. (Verb)
5) He repudiated the orders of the chief minister and was reprimanded for it. (Verb)

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