The word rescind comes from the same root as comes the word scissor. They both originate from scindere, meaning to cut or tear away. Hence, we have the meaning of the word rescind: to cut away (read as cancel) an agreement.

The dictionary definitions for RESCIND are as follows:
1. Cancel officially. (verb)

Masters tip to learn Rescind:
Rescind sounds very similar to resign. Resign is to cancel’s one’s job contract. Rescind means to cancel an agreement. It is as simple as that.

Usage examples for Rescind:
1. The Supreme Court has the authority to rescind the orders of the parliament.
2. Only the board members of a company can rescind the orders of the CEO.
3. By the time I realized I was wrong, it was too late to rescind my actions of the past.

Word in Context
The following is an extract from The New York used for educational purposes:

It provides us with a perfect example of how this word should be used.

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