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What all does this section feature? Articles, Study Notes, Book Reviews, Wordpandit’s Personal Vocabulary Blog, and a lot more.


What is this section all about?

This section, as the name suggests, is about words related to a particular theme. What kind of themes are we talking about? Go through the list of posts given below. As these posts indicate, we cover a wide range of topics and explore word related to these. Word Themes is an interesting way of learning word related to particular themes. These themes are easy to memorize and in a way, provide you a context for learning. Contexts for learning are pivotal in terms of learning new things as our brain and memory cells crave for some sort of connection to the wider context of life. Word Themes provide you a context and mean that you are not just simply learning a list of words. Explore these sets of 10 words each one at a time and enjoy the learning process.

What is this section all about?

In this section, we provide study notes and articles for two vocabulary books:

  • Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis: This is perhaps the most used Vocabulary book in the world. Following the pattern of sessions, the book picks up a cluster of interesting words in a group of sessions and then goes on to explain it. For this book, we provide articles that provide extra words and further details for these sessions. This way, you can learn a lot more from Word Power Made Easy.
  • Six Weeks to Words of Power by Wilfred Funk: This is a super awesome and handy book in which picks a group of words based on a single theme (for example, Verbs of Deep Emotion, Verbs of Energy, Verbs of Violent Criticism,etc.) and then goes to explain them and provide exercises for them. The exhaustive practice for these sets makes it easy for you to learn. What we do is take these individual units and provide a neat table with meanings, synonyms and antonyms that you can use for revision. These are our study notes effectively.

Please Note: Over the next 6 months, we will be covering each and every lesson/session in these two books. So stay tuned for regular updates.

What is this section all about?

A simple blog-resource where Wordpandit shares his vocabulary learning, on an almost daily basis. The basic premise behind starting this section is that learning should not limited to any single method nor should it be limited to any single moment. Anything to do with words, just about anything, would be featured here and along the journey, we are surely meant to enjoy the process more than anything else. Hope this attempt of ‘Wordpandit’ is appreciated.

What is this section all about?

Do we need to explain this? As the name suggests, this section is about checking your spelling skills. Divided across three levels, you will find a variety of spelling tests that you can use for checking your spelling prowess. Make sure you solve these tests on a regular basis and keep checking the improvement in your spelling skills.

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