Picture for RestrictiveIt is an adjective to describe something that keeps people within certain boundaries(restrictions). You would call a household restrictive if it doesn’t allow you to play video games, watch TV or eat junk food. When the scope of things in a place or phenomena is limited, you call it restrictive.

Pronunciation: ri-strik-tiv

Meanings of Restrictive

1. something that serves to restrict
2. Of, relating to or implying restriction
3. Expressing limitation of application, as terms ,expressions etc.

Master’s Tip to Learn Restrictive

Remember the word restrictive through the ‘strict’ around which it is wrapped. Strict comes from the Latin stringere, which means “to bind tight,” either with string or rope or whatever does the job. Hence restrictive implies tight binding, generally in terms of some kind of rules or laws.

Sentence examples for Restrictive

1. Lisa’s parents are too restrictive of her social life.
2. Limiting the use to a single copy on a single PC seems unduly restrictive, to most users at least.
3. The revised draft became more restrictive than the relatively open approach in the first draft.

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