picture vocabulary for reverberatingShouting in an Echo?
Reverberating may be the resounding of voice in an echo, or continuity in reflection of light.

Pronunciation: ri-vur-buh-reyt; adj. ri-vur-ber-it

The dictionary definitions of Reverberating are as follows:
1. To become reflected
2. To become driven back
3. To continue in or as if in a series of echoes
4. To have a prolonged or continuing effect

Master Tip to learn Reverberating:
Think of an example of a ball hitting the ground and coming back, the same is with the voice hitting the wall and resounding back. The same is with light hitting something and then striking back.

Usage Examples:
1. A staccato metallic voice reverberated about the room like a marble in a tin can.
2. Reverberate of rain appears just in front of me, the noise reverberating off the glass walls.
3. Their stories, reported on the following pages, remind us how strongly the events of 9/ 11 reverberate still in the lives of thousands.

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