Picture for ReviledHow often do you abuse? How often do you say something really bad and offensive about others? If you do that often, one it is not such a great thing to do and second, you revile against people. Revile is a word that breaks down into a simple contruction: RE (meaning again) and VILE ( meaning highly offensive or disgusting).

Pronunciation- ri-vahyl

Meaning of Reviled:

1. To assail with contemptuous or opprobrious language
2. Address or speak of abusively.
3. Abusive treatment or language; an insult; a reproach.

Master’s tip for Reviled:

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Someone who reviles is nothing else but the incarnation of evil.

Usage Examples for Reviled:

1. He was reviled by the local media due to his Anti-National behavior
2. The area around the dump was reviled for the unhygienic conditions.

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