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root word examples
Research shows that having an extensive vocabulary can really help you create a positive impression professionally. There can be a variety of ways for an individual to improve their vocabulary, one of the ways which can be termed as ‘awesome’ is: learning words through word roots. Roots are the basic component of a word and words from the same root have similar meanings. For example: the root word ‘liber’ means free. Following are some words made up from the same root:

  • Liberate – to set free;
  • Libertine – a person with a free lifestyle;
  • Liberty – freedom.

As you can see, that root word examples can be so useful. In this article we present to you some very important root word examples that will help you immensely in improving your word power. Oh, and by the way a confession: It is also a well known fact that people take you more seriously when you make a point starting with ‘Research shows that’ (refer to line 1)

Word Roots Complete List

Important Root Word Examples

Root WordMeaningOriginRelated Words
Herbigrass, plantLatinHerbicide – any chemical used to kill unwanted plants, etc.;

Herbivorous – plant-eating;

Herbal – relating to plants.

Heterodifferent, otherGreekHeterogeneous – made up of unrelated parts; Heteronyms – words with same spelling but different meanings;

Heterodox – not conforming to traditional beliefs.

Hex/aSixGreekHexagon – a shape with six angles/sides;

Hexameter – a verse measured in six;

Hexapod – having six legs.

HistotissueGreekHistology – study of the microscopic structure of tissues;

Histochemistry – study of the chemical constitution of cells and tissues.

like, alike, sameLatin
Homogeneous – of the same nature or kind;

Homonym – sounding alike;

Homeopath – a therapy that is based on treating “same with same”

Lact/omilkLatinLactate – to give milk, nurse;

Lactose – the sugar contained in milk;

LatersideLatinBilateral – of or involving two sides;

Unilateral – affecting one side of something.

white, colorlessGreekLeukemia – abnormal increase of white blood cells in the blood;

Leukocyte – a mature white blood cell;

Leucine – a white, crystalline amino acid.

Lexword, law, readingGreekLexicology – the study and history of words;

Alexia -loss of the ability to read;

IsoequalGreekIsobar – a line on a map connecting points of equal barometric pressure;

Isometric – having equality of measure;

Isothermal – having equal or constant temperature.

Lingulanguage, tongueLatinLinguist – one who studies languages;

Multilingual – able to communicate in multiple languages;

Linguine – long, flat “tongue-shaped” pasta.

Interbetween, among, jointlyLatinInternational – involving two or more countries; Intersection – place where roads come together; Intercept – to stop or interrupt the course of.
HepaliverLatinHepatitis – inflammation of the liver;

Hepatoma – a tumor of the liver;

Hepatotoxic – toxic and damaging to the liver.

Icon – a simplified graphic of high symbolic content; iconology – science of symbols and icons;

Iconoclast – someone who destroys religious images and traditional beliefs.

Idiopeculiar, personal, distinctGreekIdiomatic – Peculiar to a particular language; idiosyncracy – a physical or mental characteristic typical or a particular person;

Idiot – someone who is distinctly foolish or stupid.

Il, inin, intoLatinIlluminate – to give light to;

Innovation – a new idea, method, or device;

Inspection – the act of examining or reviewing.

Ig, il, im,
in, ir
not, withoutLatinIllegal – not legal;

Impossible – not possible;

Inappropriate – not appropriate;

Irresponsible – not responsible.

Infrabeneath, belowLatinInfrastructure – underlying framework of a system; Infrared – below the regular light spectrum.
Hemihalf, partialGreekHemicycle – a semicircular structure;

Hemisphere – one half of the earth;

Hemistich – half a line of poetry.

JectThrowLatinEject – to throw someone/something out;

Interject – to throw a remark into a discussion;

Project – to cast or throw something.

JudLawLatinJudgment – a decision of a court of law;

Judicial – having to do with judges or courts of law; Judiciary – a system of courts of law.

JunctJoinLatinConjunction – a word that joins parts of sentences;

Disjunction – a disconnection;

Junction – a place where two things join.

JuvenYoungLatinJuvenile – youthful or childish;

Rejuvenate – to bring back to youthful strength or appearance.

Hyp/oUnderGreekHypoglycemia – an abnormally low level of sugar in the blood;

Hypothermia – abnormally low body temperature;

Hypothesis – a theory that is unproven but used under the assumption that it is true.

Word Roots Complete List

We hope these root word examples have helped you in understanding the concept of root words easily, just remember that root words are a really useful method of improving your vocabulary and keep learning with the help of more and more such root word examples.

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