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picture for sanguineSanguine is a word that comes to use form Old French sanguin, itself from Latin sanguineus. Both the Old French and Latin words meant “bloody,” “blood-colored”. The French word sanguin transformed to our modern day English word Sanguine. In French, it kept the sense ‘sanguine in temperament’. This meaning was extended in English, and it refers to a sort of cheerfulness and optimism in one’s temperament.

For us, sanguine becomes a temperament, one from the blood and one that is ruddy and healthy.

Pronunciation: sang-gwin

Meanings of Sanguine:

1. Of the color of blood; red/ Of a healthy reddish color; ruddy.
2. Cheerfully confident; optimistic.

Master’s Tip to Learn Sanguine:

Wish to learn Sanguine? Just picture a person, his cheeks flush red with the blood of happiness and his tongue waxing eloquence of optimism. This is what a sanguine person looks like.

Sentence examples for Sanguine:

1. Being sanguine in the times of adversity is the true test of character of a man.
2. Do you think that as a society, we’re kind of sanguine now about space travel?- CNN Transcript Feb 1, 2003

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