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I guess you could call me a BIGOT . I really and obstinately believe that the students sitting on the last bench of any academic institution are the gems of that class, untapped resources. Nobody ever realizes their true potential.

The last bench is a colorful world. There is always one misfit. Somebody who has been either forced by friends or has been insulted by them. That is the only reason why he/she is there. Somebody who really wanted to hear what his teacher has to say. Of course there are others who want to study even if they’re as far away from the teacher as possible. But they are limited in number. Like trees in the Sahara, SPARSE .

The rest of the population was born funny. Humour and wit are INNATE qualities. They share a mutual understanding with the teacher. While they like to ignore the dull LITANY of lectures, the teacher ignores them based on, what I call, The Theory of EBBING, which says that intellect falls with one’s bench number.  While somebody is delivering speeches about how he/she did this and how he/she will do that, some people engage in the fulfilling task of mocking everybody. The rest believe in productivity.

The artists are all at the last, substituting notes for doodles that can shame google. Some show amazing talent every now and then with a comment for everything and everybody in a class. Laughter is the only acknowledgement they seek. Gamers, philosophers, bird watchers, even musicians-the last bench has it all.

All this is brought to an end by the teacher’s face reading abilities. It is very important to work on your COUNTENANCE for this reason. Answering a question you didn’t even hear in the first place is an art. From giving your best innocent expression, to looking so deep in thought that might make someone believe you are working on the laws of nature. You deserve the place if you can read the answer of people in front of you from immense distances and under constant scrutiny if you can produce an answer that is correct.

So it’s a CALUMNY if somebody says back benchers are the worst of the lot and do nothing but while away time. A lie, a false accusation. Trust somebody who has been on the first bench for too many years. You will have the time of your life sitting on the last bench, give it a shot!

Words to be learn from the story above:

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Author: The post is contributed by Simar Jolly.

Note: the purpose of this post is to highlight the Contextual use of words through story writing. Words here are being used in contexts to help everyone understand usage and meaning.

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