SBI clerk reasoning : Questions with detailed solutions for SBI clerk reasoning Exam

Achieving a good score in the Reasoning section of an exam is not difficult if you have prepared well for it. This holds true for SBI exam as well. SBI clerk reasoning section of the exam can be cracked with smart preparation which includes covering all concepts in the subject and practising them with the help of great questions. A question is great if it is from the syllabus and helps you learn and understand important concepts from it. A great question is accompanied by a great solution which is something that you should give a lot of importance to while selecting questions for practice as a question with no solution or with a non-explanatory solution would not be helpful and enriching. A great solution in the SBI clerk reasoning section questions is a detailed solution that has step wise problem analysis to help candidates establish the correct line of thinking and provides the best possible approach to solve that particular problem.

Directions for the question set:

Answer the questions on the basis of the following information.
Seven faculty members at a management institute frequent a lounge for strong coffee and conversation. On being asked about their visit to the lounge last Friday we got the following responses;
MC: I came in first, and the next two persons to enter were MS and JM. When I left the lounge, MP and MR were present in the lounge. MG left with me.
MP: When I entered the lounge with MR, MC was sitting there. There was someone else, but I cannot remember who it was.
JM: I went to the lounge for a short while, and met MC, MS and MG in the lounge on that day.
MS: I left immediately after JM left.
MG: I met MC, MS, MP and MR during my first visit to the lounge. I went back to my office with MC. When I went to the lounge the second time, MP and MR were there.
PK : I had some urgent work, so I did not sit in the lounge that day, but just collected my coffee and left. MP and MG were the only people in the lounge while I was there.
MR: No comments.

Question 1: Who were the last two faculty members to leave the lounge?
(a) MC and MG
(b) PK and MG
(c) MP and PK
(d) MP and MG

Question 2: Based on the responses, which of the two MP or MG, entered the lounge first?
(a) MP
(b) MG
(c) Both entered together
(d) Cannot be deduced

Question 3: Who was sitting with MC when MP entered the lounge?
(a) MS
(b) JM
(c) MG
(d) PK

Question 4: How many of the seven members did MR meet on Friday in the lounge ?
(a) 2
(b) 3
(c) 4
(d) 5

Answers and Explanations: Click the down arrow to expand

Common solution for the set: By connecting the statements and following a logical pattern, we can build the following table:

Answers 1: (d) PK in his sentence said,” I had some urgent work, so I did not sit in the lounge that day, but just collected my coffee and left. MP and MG were the only people in the lounge while I was there” Which means MP and MG are only two persons who left after PK. Option (d) is correct answer.

Answers 2: (b) For the common solution for this set, refer to solution of Question 1. MC was the first to enter followed by MS and JM. Then JM and MS left the lounge and MP, MR enter the lounge. Now MC and MG left the lounge together and MG came back and met PK. So MG was the first to enter between MP or MG

Alternative Solution: According to MC, MS and JM are the persons who entered a lounge after MC. JM said that he only met MC, MS and MG in the lounge. That means MG entered before MP. The correct option is (b).

Answers 3: (c) MG was sitting when MP entered. The correct option is (c).

Answers 4: (b) MR met with MG, MC and MP and the last two faculties to leave the lounge are MP and MG.

Alternative Solution: As per the sentence said by MC, MC and MG, MR met MP, MC, MG only. No other sentence is talking about meeting MR. The correct option is (b).

Extra tips for SBI clerk reasoning :
• Practice speed while solving SBI clerk reasoning questions in the mock exams and keep improving on the speed front.
• Asses options to eliminate the wrong ones and save time in the section.
• Be selective in solving questions while attempting the SBI clerk reasoning section and solve the less time consuming questions first.

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