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SBI PO reasoning ability: SBI PO reasoning ability concepts you need to know for the exam

Scoring well in the SBI PO reasoning ability section of the exam is extremely important as there is sectional cut-off for the same. Therefore, identify your strengths and weaknesses with respect to various topics of reasoning ability and prioritise your time and attention accordingly. Do not leave any topic considering it as unimportant. List down the topics and subtopics or concepts within it to easily track your preparation. SBI PO reasoning ability concepts that need your attention are Analogy, Puzzles (Seating arrangement, linear seating arrangement, floor based), Syllogism, Data sufficiency, Statement based questions (Verbal reasoning), Inequality, Miscellaneous Questions, Input Output, Blood relations, Patterns and Series.

Directions for the question set:
Some information is provided in the paragraph below. Answer the questions based on this information.

A weekly television show routinely stars six actors, A,B,C,D,E and F. Since the show has been on the air for a long time, some of the actors are good friends and some do not get along at all. In an effort to keep peace, the director sees to it that friends work together and enemies do not. Also, as the actors have become more popular some of them need time off to do other projects. To keep the schedule working, the director has a few things she must be aware of:
• A will only work on episodes on which D is working
• E will not work with B under any circumstances.
• D can only work every other week, in order to be free to film a movie.
• At least three of the actors must appear in every weekly episode.

Question 1: In a show about C getting a job at the same company A already works for and B used to work for, all three actors will appear. Which of the following is true about the other actors who may appear?
A. D, F, and E must all appear.
B. D may appear and E must appear.
C. D must appear and F may appear.
D. F may appear and E may appear.

Question 2: Next week, the show involves E’s new car and F’s new refrigerator. Which of the following is true about the other actors who may appear?
A. D, A, C, and B all may appear.
B. A, C, and B must appear.
C. C and B must appear.
D. Only C may appear.

Answers and Explanations: Click the down arrow to expand


Answer 1: (C)

A —-D(A must be with D not vis-a-versa)


Alternate week for D At least 3 actors have to be there. In the week A, B, C are three actors who will appear. This implies E will not appear that week. Also, since A is working, it implies D must appear. These conditions are satisfied in option (C) only. The correct option is (C).

Answer 2: (D) Since D works every other week, so D will not appear in the next week. Also, B will not appear as E is to appear next week. A will not appear as D cannot appear next week. Therefore, only C may appear other than E and F. The correct option is (D).

Extra tips for SBI PO reasoning ability:
• Develop a strategy to attempt the SBI PO reasoning ability section of the exam as it is very important to have a plan to maximize your score.
• Do not invest more 2 minutes on a single individual question if you are unable to think through a particular step. Flag the question and return back to it at the end.
• Prepare notes for SBI PO reasoning ability section of the exam as it will help you revise and recollect important points.

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