Can you imagine Twitter as a Vocabulary resource?


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This is an article based on the Shashi Tharoor Complex Tweet that has set the world of Twitter ablaze.

If you have not been living under a rock, most of you must have heard of or read this tweet by the ever so eloquent MP, Shashi Tharoor. The tweet was confusing for a lot of people (as one user puts it: sooooooo much English) and Twitter had a field day making funny memes about the same.

For us, CAT aspirants and English Language Learners, this can also be a lesson in Vocabulary, provided you understand the context and meaning of the words. Worry not; Wordpandit is here for your rescue.
Let’s Read the tweet:

After this amazing tweet, the world of Twitter literally went into overdrive mode and what we had was an awesome set of reactions from the Twitterverse:

Let’s learn some words from this onslaught on English


Well, we need to be a little selfish here and use this tweet for our purpose. Let’s learn the meanings of the words used by Mr. Tharoor in mind-blowing tweet.
How many of these difficult words could you actually understand? If your answer is none or may be one, you are not alone. Facepalm!
Let’s look into the words one by one:

  • Exasperating: Intensely irritating, extremely annoying
  • Farrago: A confused mixture, a hotchpotch
  • Distortion: A misleading account, misrepresentation
  • Misrepresentation: A false account of things; Wrong representation
  • Outright: Completely, fully, and absolutely
  • Unprincipled: Unethical, without any principles
  • Showman: An entertainer or performer
  • Masquerading: Disguising as, show a false pretence

Now that you have got the Wordpandit Edge, go share this tweet and show off your vocabulary knowledge! πŸ˜›

Click here to learn more such difficult words.

Reference Article Used: A special thanks and shout out to this Scoopwhoop article for helping us with the funny tweets..:)

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