Welcome to this lesson on Simple Interest.

Simple Interest  is one of the fundamental units important parts of Arithmetic. Simple Interest has significant real-world applications and by learning by this topic, you strengthen your calculation skills. Also, Simple Interest is a lesson that is part of school curriculum as well as entrance exams. Effectively, it has universal application.

We begin with the basics of Simple Interest and then cover each of the important aspects of this topic.

Table of Contents

Concept Articles
Simple Interest Basic Concepts
Simple Interest: Tips, Tricks & Results-1
Simple Interest: Tips, Tricks & Results-2
Simple Interest: Basic Concepts Exercise
Simple Interest: Tips, Tricks & Results Exercise-1
Simple Interest: Tips, Tricks & Results Exercise-2

Practice Tests
Simple Interest Test-1
Simple Interest Test-2
Simple Interest Test-3
Simple Interest Test-4
Simple Interest Test-5
Simple Interest Test-6


How to study this lesson?

You can study Simple Interest in a simple way!
Go through concept articles and their corresponding exercises. Then, solve the Simple Interest practice tests and perfect the skills you have learnt.

The table of contents for this topic is provided on every post for this topic and enables easy navigation for the topic.

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