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contextual vocabulary for solaceMnemonic Tip for Solace:

The pain was “SO LESS” when I was solaced. By this we mean that the level of pain and stress decreases when one receives solace. You could identify the word solace with your best friend who is always there to comfort you and console you in your time of need. It is extremely important to release your pain.

Pronunciation: sol-is

Meaning of Solace:

1)    Comfort in sorrow, distress or trouble (noun)
2)    Something that gives consolation (noun)
3)    To comfort or cheer a person (verb)
4)    To alleviate sorrow (verb).

Usage Examples:

1)      He finds solace whenever he goes for road trips alone.
2)      I was solaced when my boss told me that the deadline for my work was extended (verb).
3)      Some people find solace in drugs and alcohol which hampers their health.
4)      We always find solace in people with familiar loss (noun).

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