picture for spateThe word Spate is a noun which is used for a large number or amount of something. It is also used to show sudden outburst or flooding.
The origin of this word can be traced back to around the 15th century in Middle English.

Pronunciation: speyt

Meanings of Spate

1. A sudden outpouring.
2. Large amount of something.

Master’s Tip to Learn Spate

Remember how to resign to your ‘fate’ when before an exam you find out that there is a spate or a huge amount of books that need to read by the next day in order to cover the syllabus.

Sentence examples for Spate:

1. The spate of world explorations that started in the 1400’s and the wealth of knowledge which was amassed changed geography as a science.
2. Recently there has been a spate of reality show celebrities hogging the media spotlight.
3. A spate of books has come out on the subject recently if you are interested in digging into it further.

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