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Meaning, Sentences, Synonyms and Antonyms for Spectacle

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Well, did you enjoy the drama? It was worth watching, isn’t it?
This show, this charade put up by the channel is called a ‘spectacle’, a public performance that impresses and is awe inspiring.
One thing to come out of this ad: actually, this is what television channels do, this is the kind of drama that is mixed up them and served to us, isn’t it?

sentence/quote for spectacle

Pronunciation: spek-tuh-kuhl

Meaning of Spectacle

1. a. Something that can be seen or viewed, especially something of a remarkable or impressive nature.
b. A public performance or display, especially one on a large or lavish scale.
c. A regrettable public display, as of bad behavior: drank too much and made a spectacle of himself.
2. spectacles
a. A pair of eyeglasses.
b. Something resembling eyeglasses in shape or suggesting them in function.

meaning, picture, sentence for spectacle

Example Sentences for Spectacle

1. It is important for a performer to put up a spectacle for his fans.
2. All too often, we indulge in creating spectacles for the public and forget what we really wish to do.
3. Spectacles involving film-stars can garner a lot of media attention and therefore, are used by companies for promoting their brands.


Sight, vision, view, scene


Hiding, normality, ordinariness

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