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What exactly is a SPOOF?
Well, simple watch this videos:

Now watch this:

The second video is a spoof of the first one.

It is as simple as that.

The dictionary definitions for spoof are as follows:

1. Nonsense; tomfoolery/ A hoax. (noun)

2. A gentle satirical imitation; a light parody. (noun)

3. To deceive. (verb)

4. To do a spoof of; satirize gently. (verb)

Usage examples for spoof:

1. He posted the link to this spoof from the recently released trailer for “Mission Impossible-4”.

2. Real life politics at times looks like a spoof in itself, it needs no artist to build its parody.

Word History : We are indebted to a British comedian for the word spoof. Sometime in the 19th century Arthur Roberts (1852-1933) invented a game called Spoof, which involved trickery and nonsense. The first recorded reference to the game in 1884 refers to its revival. It was not long before the word spoof took on the general sense “nonsense, trickery,” first recorded in 1889. The verb spoof is first recorded in 1889 as well, in the sense “to deceive.” These senses are now less widely used than the noun sense “a light parody or satirical imitation,” first recorded in 1958, and the verb sense “to satirize gently,” first recorded in 1927.


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