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Status quo implies the current state of being, what is happening right now. The status quo of the disputes such as the one between Israel and Palestine has remained the same for years. In law, status quo is an important term and indicates the current state of any proceedings. A lot of judicial orders are passed where the litigants are told to maintain the status quo, that is maintain the condition as it is now.

The dictionary definitions for Status quo are as follows:
1. The existing condition or state of affairs. (noun)

Master’s Tip to learn Status quo:
The quo in status quo is derived from Latin qu. It means ‘in which’. Hence, the word status quo means ‘the state in which’, that is the current state of matters.

Word in Context:

As from the judge picture above and this usage example, we get to see what status quo means.
This particular paragraph is amazing. It outlines what happens in political circles and how status quo returns. The sequence of events in the above paragraph is almost true for any situation.

The above is an extract from The New York Times used for educational purposes:
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