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Category: Non-Fiction

One must have heard about,, Edelweiss Capital, India Infoline, Give India to name a few –these organizations have not made it big overnight but behind their making are years of rigorous hard work and toil by the owners of these organizations, who become the main protagonists of this book.

book review for stay hungry stay foolish‘Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish’ is a famous quote from Steve Jobs’s commencement address to graduating class of Stanford University in 2005. This motto came alive when 25 IIM Ahmedabad graduates courageously followed their hearts and each one went on to fulfill their dreams. Rather than choosing a comfortable life and double digit salaries, they choose a difficult terrain of entrepreneurship.

The book is highly inspirational one. It divides the entrepreneurs into the believers, the opportunists and those with the alternate vision. It talks about people of varying age group, attitude and industries yet they have similarities as all of them took chances, jumped into the uncharted waters, and looked beyond common notions. Every now and then, the book gave a glimpse of reality. The entrepreneurs share their experience and wisdom through their stories and also gave valuable advice in the end.

An extract from the book:
“Like Indira Gandhi used to say, when I am down and I am pushed against the wall, my best comes out and I don’t give up. The fighter in me, the animal in me comes out and says, ‘I will do it and show them’. This has come from Tiwariji. So a good teacher at the right time in your life can make a frog into a prince.”—Sunil Handa (PGP ’79), Eklavya Education Foundation /Core Emballage

Contributed By Kritika Shukla (Content Writer, Wordpandit)

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