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Everyone who applies coconut oil should throw the oil’s bottles out of the window, as it is definitely not smell that good. The word stench (Noun) can be modified to accompany any product that is made of coconut and describe it with finesse. It refers to that ugly smell that enters your nostrils when you are near a dump yard or people who apply slimy oils to their heads.


Its first usage dates back to 12th century. Its origin can be credited to many words. It has originated from the word of old English .i.e. Stenc, meaning odour, which can be good or bad. Its origin can aklso be credited to a Greek word Bromo, which means stench, stink or bad odour.

Taking into consideration its Greek roots, the word bromo also gives birth to many other words. Example:

1) Bromhidrosis: Offensive sweat mainly on feet that occurs due to bacterial decomposition.
2) Bromidrosiphobia: Abnormal fear of personal odours. A person believes that odours exist whereas it really doesn’t.
3) Bromopnea: Bad odour from mouth

However, at the same time it is very easy to confuse bromo with broma, as the difference is just an a. Broma means food.

Pronunciation: stench

The dictionary definitions of stench are as follows:
1) A repulsive smell/stink. (noun)
2) A foul quality (can be a associated with a person, animal or thing, owing to a repulsive habit). (noun)
3) Strongly foul odour. (noun)

Master tip to learn stench:
Stench is an easy word in itself. It can easily be associated with stink, both meaning the same.
To make it more easy, stench can be easily traced back to its Greek roots in an instant. In school everyone must have read chemistry and in it an element called bromine, which has been named after ‘bromo’ due to its foul odour.

Stench can be used in following ways:
1) That is a stenchful locality. (Used as an Adjective)
2) She fainted due to the powerful stench in beer factory.
3) As I enter the premises of that locality, the stench of decaying garbage fills up my nose and I have nowhere to run to. (Used as a Noun)

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