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mnemonic tip for stipulateMnemonic Aid to Learn Stipulate:

Mnemonic time! Love the breakdown for this word:
Stipulate = Staple It.

Staple what?
The terms and conditions at the end of agreement, the ones that are made compulsory and obligatory by it.

Meanings of Stipulate:

1. To lay down as a condition of an agreement; require by contract.
2. To specify or arrange in an agreement: stipulate a date of payment and a price.
3. To guarantee or promise (something) in an agreement.



Sentence Examples for Stipulate:

1. It’s not easy to get out of terms stipulated in the contract.
2. The judge stipulated some pretty tough conditions in the divorce agreement.
3. The government stipulates the conditions in a tender.
4. Lovers never stipulate terms and conditions, for theirs is bonds of love and not a contract.

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