What is this section all about?

Story-writing is a simple attempt to use the words we have @Wordpandit and weave them in their appropriate contexts. After all, the best way to learn words is through the contexts they appear in and that is exactly what we do here.

What is the story-writing contest all about?

You think you can create stories that can entertain people?
You think you can create stories that can help people learn words?
You think you can create stories that can help people learn words in an interesting way?
This ‘Weekly contest’ is for you then!

All you need to do is submit your stories based on the words that are featured in the ‘Learn Words’ section. We select the best story for the week and feature them in this section.

Rules for the contest

  • Your stories need to use ten words from these two sections: Learn Words and Learn Words (Hinglish)
  • You need to mention the hyperlinks of the words you have featured.
  • Your stories should not be plagiarised from other sources.
  • Once you submit your story, you give us the permission to publish.
  • Send in your entries to this email ID:

Story Writing Contest Week-1 (13 July to 20 July): The contest is open now. Start sending in your entries fast!

What do you win for writing this story?

You win an Amazon Gift Card and One Vocabulary book (to be delivered to your address).

Sounds great? Start to jangle those keys on your keyboards then!

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