Mnemonic Aid to Learn Stupor:

STUPOR =STOPPER. Yes, that may sound funny but is a quick-fix way to learn the word. By stopper we can say that stupor is related to the situation when we would put a stopper on our brain so that we are unaware of situations; something that clouds our vision and we usually end up doing something that we should not have.

Meaning of Stupor:

1. Suspension or great diminution of sensibility, as in disease oras caused by narcotics, intoxicants, etc
2. Mental torpor; apathy; stupefaction.

Pronunciation of Stupor : stoo-per

Sentence Examples for Stupor:

1. Instead of having it treated, he bore the pain by drinking himself into a stupor.
2. Maybe his policies would bring us to recession, but if they bring our out of this stupor than it’s worth it.

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