Picture for succinctThe word Succinct is an adjective and it is used when something is expressed in a clear and precise way in a few words.
The word first originated back in 1438 from the Latin word succinctus.

Pronunciation: suhk-singkt

Meanings of Succinct

1. Briefly giving the gist of something.
2. Characterized by clear, precise expressions in few words.

Master’s Tip to Learn Succinct

‘Succinct’ can be broken into ‘Suck + Ink’. Just remember that if you write a story in less words on a paper, it will suck or use less ink and hence relate it to the word succinct.

Sentence examples for Succinct:

1. Her succinct summary at the end of the speech provided the most significant information.
2. John gave a succinct overview of the expansion project.
3. Everything should be professional, succinct, and measured.

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