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Picture for Sullen

Mnemonic Aid to Learn Sullen:

The easiest way to learn this word is by remembering the last time you got stung by a wasp. The body part where it stung must have been SWOLLEN and so you must’ve felt SULLEN.

Meanings of Sullen:

1.showing irritation or ill humor by a gloomy silence or reserve.
2.persistently and silently ill-humored; morose.
3.indicative of gloomy ill humor.

Pronunciation: suhl-uhn

Sentence Examples for Sullen:

1. Sullen silence or blank looks can be the response to even the most promising of topics.
2. As i knew him to be of a rather sullen unsocial disposition, i said nothing to him, but proceeded on my way.
3. He sat in sullen silence after he was grounded for a month.

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