Picture for SultrySultry is a super interesting word. Why do we say so? Well, it possesses two meanings which are diverse and similar at the same time. One its meaning is with respect to weather, where it means oppressively hot and humid. The other meaning is related to human beings: where it refers to people who are smoking hot. Girls with par excellence looks are often referred to as sultry beauties.

Pronunciation- suhl-tree

Meaning of Sultry-

1. oppressively hot and close or moist
2. emitting great heat
3. characterized by or arousing passion

Master’s Tips for Sultry-

Is the word poster not enough to learn this word? What more do we need to learn this word than the image of a sensuous and sexually appealing beauty.

Usage examples for Sultry-

1.The weather in the area became sultry immediately after the showers.
2. The movie was tagged controversial due to its sultry scenes.
3. Her sultry and dusky voice attracted a huge male fan following.

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