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Biggest, Highest, Longest, Shortest in India and World is one the most important GK topic for MBA, UPSC, Bank PO and other govt. exams. The list given below contains both Biggest, Highest, Longest, Shortest in India and World. You can expect at least 2-3 questions from Biggest, Highest, Longest, and Shortest in India and World in exams like SNAP, UPSC, TISS, Bank PO and other exams.



Smallest State in Area (India)Goa
Smallest Union TerritoryLakshadweep
Largest State in Area (India)Rajasthan
Largest City in Area (World)London
Tallest AnimalGiraffe
Fastest Animal at short runCheetah
Fastest AnimalThe Peregerine Falcon
Largest existing Land animalElephant
Most Intelligent AnimalChimpanzee
Most Cunning AnimalFox
Largest Sea AnimalBlue Whale
Largest Bell (World)Greatest Bell of Moscow (Russia)
Largest birdOstrich
Largest Sea-birdAlbatross
Fastest BirdSwift
Smallest BirdHumming Bird
Singing BirdNightingale


Longest Railway Bridge (India)Sone Bridge (Bihar)
Longest Steel Arch BridgeNew River Gorge Bridge 518.2 m long (West Virginia, USA)
Longest combined HighwayThe Yangtse River Bridge
And Railway Bridge6,772 m rail deck and 4,589 road deck (Nanking, China)
Longest Railway BridgeHuey P. Long Bridge, 7009 m (Metarie, Louisiana, USA)
Highest Road BridgeBailey Bridge built by the Indian Army 30 m long at an altitude of 5600 m (Khardungia, Ladakh)
Highest River BridgeRoyal Gorge, 321 m above sea level on the river Arkansas, 268 m long Colorado.
Highest railway BridgeFades Bridge on river Sioule 144 m long and 132.5 m above the river. (Clermont Ferrand, France)
Tallest Bank BuildingBank of Mountreal, 72, Storeys, 284.98 m high (Toronto, Canada)
Longest Canal (India)The Indira Gandhi Canal
Longest Big Ship Canal (World)Suez Canal (Egypt) 160 km
Longest Small Ship CanalBeloye (White Sea) Baltic Canal (CIS) 226 km long


Largest Cave Temple (India)Ellora (Maharashtra)
Longest Church (World)St. Peter’s Church Vatican City (Italy)
Highly Populated City (India)Mumbai (Mahasashtra)
Oldest City (India)Kolkata
Highest City (World)Wenchuan (China) 5100 metres above sea level
Highest CapitalLhasa (3684 metres above sea level)
Largest City in Populatoin (World)Tokyo(Japan)
Costliest City (World)The Economist Intelligence Unit has named Paris, Singapore and Hong Kong as the world’s most expensive cities.
Biggest Clock (World)Big Ben (London)
Largest ContinentAsia
Smallest ContinentAustralia
Largest Corridor (World)Rameswaran Temple
Largest in PopulationChina followed by India
Largest in areaRussia
Largest ElectorateIndia
Largest CreatureBlue Whale. It can grow upto a weight of 150 tonnes.


Biggest, Highest, Largest, Longest & Deepest In the World


1.Longest RiverNile
2Deepest LakeLake Baikal
3.Deepest OceanPacific Ocean
4.Driest Place in the WorldAtacama Desert
5.Highest Mountain Peak in the WorldMt. Everest
6.Highest Mountain RangeHimalayas
7.Highest Plateau in the WorldTibetan plateau
8.Longest RailwayTrans-Siberian Railway
9.Longest Railway StationGrand Central Terminal, Chicago
10.Longest Railway PlatformGorakhpur (Uttar Pradesh)
11.Longest Railway Bridge in the WorldDanyang–Kunshan Grand Bridge
12.Longest Canal in WorldBeijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal
13.Longest WallGreat wall of China
14.Largest ZooKruger National Park, South Africa
15.Largest BirdOstrich
16.Largest DeltaSunderban Delta, W. Bengal
17.Largest City in terms of PopulationTokyo
18.Largest ContinentAsia
19.Largest (Population) CountryChina
20.Largest (Electorate) CountryIndia
21.Largest CreatureBlue Whale
22.Largest DesertSahara
23.Largest DamThree Gorges Dam
24.Largest Epic in the WorldMahabharat
25.Largest IslandGreenland
26.Largest Library in the WorldUnited State Library of Congress, Washington D.C.
27.Largest Sea-birdAlbatross
28.Largest River(deepest) in the WorldsAmazon
29.Tallest Animal in the WorldGiraffe
30.Fastest Bird in the WorldSwift
31.Smallest Bird in the WorldHumming Bird
32.Tallest Building in the WorldBurjKhalifa
33.Costliest City in the WorldSingapore
34.Smallest ContinentAustralia
35.Biggest Country(Area) in the WorldRussia
36.Deepest Lake in the WorldBaikal (Siberia)
37.Hottest Place in the WorldDeath Valley, California, USA.
38.Biggest PlanetJupiter
39.Brightest PlanetVenus
40.Smallest PlanetMercury
41.Rainiest Place in the WorldMausinram (Meghalaya, India)
42.Brightest StarSirius
43.Lowest body Water in the WorldDead Sea


Biggest, Highest, Largest, Longest & Deepest In India


1.Longest riverGanges
2Longest tributary river of IndiaYamuna
3.Longest river of the south IndiaGodavari
4.Longest Road in IndiaGrand Trunk Road
5.State with longest coastline in IndiaGujarat
6.Longest tunnel in IndiaChenani-Nashri Tunnel (Jammu & Kashmir)
7.Longest national highway in IndiaNH-7 which runs from Varanasi to Kanyakumari
8.Longest Dam in IndiaHirakund Dam (Orissa)
9.Longest River Bride in IndiaBhupen Hazarika Bridge
10.Longest Railway PlatformGorakhpur (Uttar Pradesh)
11.Longest Populated City in IndiaMumbai
12.Longest river which forms estuary in IndiaNarmada
13.Longest Beach in IndiaMarina Beach, Chennai
14.Largest Museum in IndiaIndian Museum
15.Largest Desert in IndiaThar desert
16.Largest State (Area) in IndiaRajasthan
17.Largest forest state in IndiaMadhya Pradesh
18.Highest Dam in IndiaTehri Dam
19.Highest Award in IndiaBharat Ratna
20.Highest Gallantry Award in IndiaParamveer Chakra
21.Highest sports award in IndiaRajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna
22.Highest Battle field in IndiaSiachin Glacier
23.Smallest State (Area) in IndiaGoa
24.Smallest State (Population) in IndiaSikkim
25.Largest lake (Fresh water)Wular lake
26.Largest MosqueJama Masjid, Delhi
27.Highest AirportKushokBakulaRimpochee Airport


Largest Populated CityMumbai (1.60 crore)
Largest MuseumNational Museum, Kolkata
Largest DeltaSunderban Delta, W.Bengal
Largest DomeGolGumbaz, Bijapur (karnataka)
Largest ZooZoological Gardens, Alipur, Kolkata
Largest Man – made LakeGovindVallabh Pant Sagar (Rihand Dam)
Largest DesertThar (Rajasthan)
Highest TowerPitampura Tower, Delhi
Smallest State (Population)Sikkim
Highest WaterfallGersoppa Waterfall (Karnataka)
Longest Electric Railway LineFrom Delhi to Kolkata via Patna
Densest Populated StateWest Bengal
Largest Cave TempleKailash Temple, Ellora (Maharashtra)
Largest Animal FairSonepur (Bihar)
Highest GatewayBulandDarwuza, FatehpurSikri (Agra)
Biggest HotelOberoi-Sheraton (Mumbai)
Longest RiverGanges
The Longest Tributary River of IndiaYamuna
The longest River of the SouthGodavari
Highest Mountain PeakGodwin Austin (K2)
Largest Lake (Fresh Water)Wular Lake (Kashmir)
Highest DamBhakra Dam (Punjab)
Largest MosqueJama Masjid, Delhi
Longest RoadGrand Trunk Road
State with Longest CoastlineGujarat
Longest Railway RouteFrom Jammu & Kashmir)
Longest National HighwayNH – 7 which runs from Varansi to Kanyakumari
Longest DamHIrakud Dam (Orissa)
Longest River BridgeMahatma Gandhi Setu, Patna


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