Picture for SupplicationAre there times in your life when you stare defeat, bad times, ill-health, financial problems, personal issues etc. some or all at once? Well, what do you do then? You supplicate in front of God. You lie down on the ground, your body is parallel to it, and you plead to your lord to rid of the ills that have overtaken you. These are the times when you supplicate.

Pronunciation -suhp-li-key-shuh n

Meaning of Supplication-

1. An act or instance of supplicating; humble prayer, entreaty, or petition.
2. Specifically, a prayer or entreaty to a god.

Master’s tip for Supplication-

Supplication is an application to God to supply you with some good fortune.

Usage Examples For Supplication-

1. People in the church raised their hands in supplication after heavy rains and cyclones lashed across the coast.
2. The child started supplicating to his parents for the new car he saw at the toy shop .
3. Supplicating in front the teacher for grace marks will prove futile.

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