Picture for SusceptibleBeing susceptible is to fall prey to something, to fall for the sucker punch. It is a state where one yield too easily to something, one just falls for it.

Pronunciation- suh-sep-tuh-buh l

Meaning Of Susceptible-

1. Admitting or capable of some specified treatment
2. Accessible or especially liable or subject to some influence
3. Especially sensitive; highly impressionable

Master’s Tip for learning Susceptible-

Susceptible is not to have the ability to suspect that you are falling for something, in a way the thing simply devours you. It is never to a good habit to be susceptible emotionally to situations.

Usage Examples for Susceptible-

1. Living in a jungle makes one susceptible to all kinds of hazards.
2. Mike’s body became susceptible to hypothermia once he got soaked in the river.
3. Being emotional is good but being sensitive leaves one susceptible to manipulations.

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