picture for tacitTacit is used for something that is implied without being spoken either from actions or statements. It is an adjective.
It was first used back in 1599 and has been derived from the Latin word tacitus.

Pronunciation: tas-it

Meanings of Tacit

1. Not openly expressed or stated, but implied
2. Unspoken, unvoiced
3. Expressed or carried on without words or speech

Master’s Tip to Learn Tacit

Imagine the word ‘tacit’ as ‘take it’ and relate it by thinking that if ever you would give someone permission to borrow something from your room without saying it you would be tacit.

Sentence examples for Tacit:

1. She felt that she had her brother’s tacit approval to borrow the bike.
2. There was a tacit agreement that he would pay off the borrowed sum of money.
3. These raids are sometimes conducted with the tacit approval of thepolice.

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