Four friends Asha, Babu, Chika and Dishant are out for shopping. Asha has less money than three times the amount that Babu has. Chika has more money than Babu. Dishant has an amount equal to the difference of amounts with Babu and Chika. Asha has three times the money...


Six students Richa , Manpreet , Sona , Pankaj , Anamika , Ankita are sitting in a examination hall . Richa is between Manpreet and Sona . Manpreet is sitting next to Pankaj . Pankaj is sitting next to Anamika . Anamika is sitting extreme left to and Ankita is sitting...


You are doing a project in family history and exploring the family free. You have traced the generations before and have calculated family members according to different relation types, one of them being that of your grandparents. Exploring the family, you decided to...


All of the students at a college are majoring in Urdu, Persian, or both. 73% of the students are Urdu majors, & 62% are Persian majors. If there are 200 students, how many of them are majoring in both Urdu & Persian? Click here to learn more 70 students are...


Five friends Megha, Richa, Meera, Sona, and Manpreet participated in a race competition. The following outcomes are there 1. There was only one winner 2. Megha was not first 3. Meera was neither first nor last 4. Sona came in one place after Megha 5. Manpreet was not...
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