Varun sells half of the eggs that he has and another half an egg to Vishal. Then he sells half of the balance eggs and another half an egg to Bharat. Then he sells half of the balance eggs and another half an egg to Sona. In the end he is left with just 7 eggs and he...


In a family, the members are Tushar, Alka, Bawa, Radha, Japesh 1. Tushar is Alka’s son, 2. Alka and Bawa are sisters, 3. Radha is Bawa’s mother. 4. Japesh is the son of Radha. What is the relationship between Radha and Tushar? Click here to learn more From 2 and 3 we...


Five newly extracted diamonds were weighed by a diamond mine worker. In his report card he pointed out that diamond A is lighter than diamond B. Diamond C is lighter than diamond D. Diamond B is lighter than diamond D but heavier than diamond E. Which diamond is the...


I went to my friend’s marriage anniversary. There, I met my old friend Richa after a long time and she was accompanied by her husband. I asked her when they got married, she replied 4 years ago. Then I asked how old are you? She replied her current age is 11/7 times...


Maninder and Prashant met at a party. Maninder asked Prashant about his age. Prashant did not reply directly and said two days before from tomorrow, I was 25 years old and next year I will be of 27. Maninder got confused and left the conversation. Can you figure out...

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