In 2012, the numbers of girls in Wordpandit for internship were twice the number of boys. 1/3 of girls and 2/3 of boys got admission for their higher studies after the completion of Internship and rest of students got jobs in various fields. Find the fraction of...


Maninder, a miserly Punjabi in Bangalore, ordered a Dosa from a restaurant. He ate half the Dosa on that day and saved the rest of the Dosa for the next day. On the next day, he again ate half of the remaining and again he save rest of Dosa for the next day. He...


Five friends with surname Bhatia, Patel, Talwar, Chadha and Nair have their first name and middle name as follow. 1. Four of them have a first and middle name of Paras. 2. Three of them have a first and middle name of Karun. 3. Two of them have a first and middle name...


In the Sunday baazar, Jamuna sells her lemons at Rs. 0.50 for two pieces. Her neighbor Seema has smaller lemons; she sells hers at Rs. 0.50 for three. After a while, when both ladies have the same number of lemons left, Seema is called away. She asks her neighbor to...


Mr. Jack Sparrow once left on an Island. Unfortunately, he was a dead drinker, and he has left only with 8 litres can of RUM. So to conserve the rum and make it last a little longer, he decided that he drank one litre on the first day and refilled the can with water...


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