Inanimate ( Adj) describes a non-living thing. Books, Chairs, baseballs, sofa, and cushions are all inanimate objects. Pronunciation: in-an-uh-mit Origin of Inanimate Inanimate is derived from Latin “inanimatus” which means ‘lifeless’, from in-...


Mnemonic Tip to Learn Incompatibility The word incompatibility is the opposite of compatibility. Hence the best way to learn it is by learning the antonym and then relating to it. We often hear the word compatible in computer terminology-like a laptop is windows 7...


Master’s Tip to Learn Incapacitated No capacity what so ever! Incapacitated is an adjective that describes a state where you don’t have the capacity, or ability, to accomplish anything. When someone becomes incapacitated, illness or injury is usually to blame. This...


Imprest(noun) is the boodle set up to cover the incidental outgos of a firm. This term generally refers to a loan advanced but it can also have specialized meanings in business, politics, military etc. Pronunciation: imp-rest Meanings of Imprest 1. To lend a loan. 2....


Mnemonic tip for Ignominy: Naam kar diya MINY! Ab izzat khatam hone aur super besate hone ko ignominy bolte hain! Meanings of Ignominy: 1. Great personal dishonor or humiliation. 2. Shameful or disgraceful action, conduct, or character. Pronunciation: ig-nuh-min-ee,...


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