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Picture for taintMnemonic Tip to Learn Taint

Taint and faint sound quite similar. So remember a situation wherein a person fainted because he ate food that was tainted(impure).

Taint means to contaminate. If your water supply is tainted with arsenic, you should stop drinking it right away.If you taint something,you are somehow spoiling or corrupting it.It can be an object such as meat ,an opinion or a place /environment.


Meanings of Taint

1. to corrupt or contaminate something
2. to affect as if with a disease or microorganism
3. to corrupt morally
4. place under suspicion or cast doubt upon

Sentence examples for Taint:

1. You shouldn’t have told Mary that Joan is a “cry baby”, now Mary’s opinion of Joan is tainted .
2. The infantile jokes in the other peoples answers have put a taint of cruelty upon the atmosphere of helping others on this site.
3. Halliburton pumped natural gas into the ground to push out the oil, but what they ended up doing was tainting the ground water .

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