Picture for tenaciousThe word Tenacious is used for something that is holding or tending to hold firmly. It is an adjective.
It was first used in the 16th century and derived from the Latin word tenaci.

Pronunciation: tuh-ney-shuhs

Meanings of Tenacious

1. Holding or tending to hold firmly
2. Tending to retain; retentive
3. Holding together; cohesive

Master’s Tip to Learn Tenacious

An interesting way to remember the meaning of Tenacious is to relate it to ‘Ten Asian’ countries because if ten developing Asian countries were to come together they would become a force to reckon with and will be hard to pull apart.

Sentence examples for Tenacious:

1. He has a tenacious memory; he remembers every single detail from that day.
2. She is a leader in the state and national activist community and a tenacious advocate against animal cruelty.
3. They are tenacious problem solvers focused on customer satisfaction.

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