It’s the age of commercialization .Almost everything ranging from sports to politics, emotions to actions, religion to culture is being commercialized today. And one of the biggest examples of this phenomena is the Indian Premier League(IPL).The huge fan following and love for the game 0f  cricket has given many opportunistic people a chance to make big bucks out of the game.

APING the European club football and county cricket formats, the IPL has become has a huge commercial venture. There’s involvement of millions of rupees in every season and with this money comes in the high stakes game: win all or lose all.

No industry misses any opportunity to capitalize from this profit making instrument  .There are celebrities, cricketers , cheerleaders, glamour ,but the most important thing is missing -real cricket. The  t-20 format doesn’t test the real CALIBER of  a player. It is like cricket being played in HASTE. The twenty-twenty format of the game has made the Test and One-Day format VAPID for the very the people it was meant in the first place.N obody wants to watch a 5 day or 8-hour game when they have a choice of a 3-hour .

And the people are the biggest contributors to it’s growth are the audiences. I am BAFFLED by the kind of response given by people to IPL. We act like DIMWITS and fail to realize the real motive behind this cricket. People just get so OVERWHELMED by just an advertisement or music of IPL, which is the very  strategy of its organizers: to set up a cricket- fever among the audiences.

All this leads to excessive cricket being played by the cricketers and the players are the worst affected. I think it’s the responsibility of the KINGPIN in this field-the ICC to keep a check on the number of tournaments and matches played every year and to ensure the preservation of   originality and genuineness of cricket.

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