The Vocabulary for Food-6

Use word themes to learn words
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Reading those recipes in books and not being able to figure out what a pint would be or what a portion would be is the most irritating thing that can happen to you. That is the reason we bring to you today the list of words that indicate the quantities that we often use in the kitchen as ingredients and few other food related words thrown in here and there.

Enjoy our food series:

1) Bar: It is a specific amount of food that has been made into a narrow block. .e.g. a bar of brown or white chocolate.
2) Litre: It is the metric unit of volume for liquids. The volume of one litre is equal to the volume of one kilogramme of water.

3) Loaf: It is a shaped and usually a rounded mass of food .e.g. fish loaf, meat loaf, bread loaf and sugar loaf.

4) Lump: A dollop of some food like ice cream or a small quantity of liquid like whisky.

5) Piece: A portion of food that has been separated from its whole.e.g. a piece of cake that has been cut according to the size predetermined.

6) Pint: It is a unit of liquid volume or capacity e.g. a pint of beer.

7) Portion: It is the amount of food you have chosen to eat. It also stands for a part of food that has been separated from its whole.

8 ) Slice: It is a thin broad piece cut from a larger object like bread. It is also called as a wedge-shaped piece cut from a larger circular object like a pizza.

9) Teaspoon: Common small spoon used in serving coffee or tea and also used for measuring some ingredients while cooking. Its abbreviation is tsp.

10) Tablespoon: A large spoon used for serving food and is also used as a measure for ingredients while cooking. Its abbreviation is tbsp. A household cooking measure equals to 3 teaspoons.

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