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the vocabulary of foodHave you ever been lost for words when you wanted to describe the taste or texture of the food more than saying that is was awesome or good? Well, today, that is exactly what we do: increase the number of words in our diction that describe the taste, texture and feel of the food we eat.

10 such words to dig into:

1) Bland: A food that is cooked in such a way that it has little or no distinctive flavor. A bland diet is also referred to as a diet that is not spicy or irritating to the person eating it. We generally avoid such food at all costs, especially talking of Indians. Indians certainly do not like bland food at all.

2) Creamy: Food that is cooked in cream or contains cream. Creamy food can be referred to as food with lots of cream. Well, that was absurd, wasn’t it? Well, we mean to say is food that is fluffy and light is referred as creamy.

3) Crisp: A food that is pleasingly firm and fresh. Crisp food is also a food that can be easily broken or crumbled. Generally, it a pleasant experience having something which is crisp. A crisp biscuit can be quite a treat on rainy day; and if accompanied with tea, it becomes even better.

4) Crunchy: A food making crunching or cracking sound when chewed. It’s like the five start crunchy and the kind of sound it makes once it is inside your mouths.

5) Greasy: Food that resembles grease! Well, that is not quite we want our food to be, do we? Greasy food is one accompanied with a lot of grease and is covered in too much oil.

6) Chewy: Chewy food is somewhat opposite of what the words intends it to be. Chewy food is one that gets stuck in one’s teeth while chewing. Not a pleasant feeling, eh?

7) Flaky: Food which is flaky? Flaky? Are we serious?  Well, flaky food is the ones of which a lot of flakes come off, just like the ubiquitous aloo-patties. They are flaky for sure.

8) Savory: It is inner-most and basic form of aromatic plants. It can be of types such as summer savory or winter savory and is used to flavor food. food

9) Sickly: Sickly foods are the ones, which are too sweet and might leave you sick if you eat it too much.

10) Sour: Sour food is the one which has characteristic of taste that is produced by acid .i.e. sharp and tangy.


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