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the vocabulary of foodTwo things without which life is simply not possible: food and oxygen. The latter is a blessing of nature and the former is a blessing we bestow on our own selves. The vocabulary of food is spread far and wide, and is not limited to a few words.

In the series of posts, we will be covering various food related words. You can consume the first 10 here:

1) Aliment: It can be defined as something that supports or nourishes life .i.e. food.

2) Bite: It simply means to cut or tear apart something with sharp instrument or teeth. In the case of food it can be defined as an act of biting .i.e. cutting into an edible item. Bite can also be defined as an amount of food taken into mouth at one time.

3) Board: Board in terms of food can be defined as a table that is meant for serving food. Also, board can also be defined as food being considered as whole .e.g. when we say boarding and lodging.

4) Bread: To begin with bread can be defined as food in general .e.g. when we say this is my bread and butter. Here, bread is defined as food, which sustains life. Further, bread is also that staple food, which is made by mixing flour and other ingredients and is finally baked. Also, bread can be termed as someone’s living .e.g. writing me earn my bread.

5) Chow: It is a slang used for to eat.

6) Comestible: It ca be defined as a characteristic of food that makes it fit to be eaten. Comestible can also be used in place of edible.

7) Comfort food: It can be defined as a food that is prepared to give someone a sense of well being .i.e. is easy to eat and easy to digest.  Also, it can be defined as that food, which has a nostalgic appeal to it.

8 ) Cuisine: Cuisine simply means food. However, it can be further elaborated as a style of preparing food e.g. Koran cuisine, here Korean is the style of food.

9) Ambrosia: This is a word borrowed from Greek Mythology and refers the food of the gods. Mortals who ate this food became immortal supposedly.

10) Entrée: Entrée is the principal dish of a meal, the star attraction, the centerpiece around which chefs build the complete meal. There is a second meaning for ‘entrée’. It is as times used to refer to ‘a dish served in formal dining immediately before the main course or between two principal courses.’ or starters.

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