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the vocabulary of foodWe all know that food is yummy and food is something we can experiment with. You can go out to your local restaurant and there still would be one dish that you would have never tried. And, going into a different city or a different country, you can definitely tickle your taste buds with colourful and delicious foods ad nourish your eyes, body and mind, all at the same time.  It’s this variety of dishes and food that we plan to cover through this series of posts, a series which targets as much as our taste buds as anything else.

This is the second in the series of posts of food related words. Consume the 10 food words here:

1. Fare: In simple words fare is also called food or diet, which can either be cooked at home or can also be something that is traditionally eaten .e.g. traditional fare or home-cooked fare.

2. Fast food: It is a very famous term that is used for the food that can be easily and quickly cooked. However, there is a myth that fast foods are usually unhealthy, but there are healthier options too.

3. Feed: It is an act of giving food to the livestock or someone. It also means food or nourishment; also feed is used to describe an informal fund-raising event such as a crab feed in which a featured food is served with other dishes
4. Fodder: It is food .i.e. especially dried hay that is used to feed domesticated livestock.

5. Groceries: In one word, groceries mean daily foodstuffs; also it is called food purchased at a store.
6. Grub: It is a slang often used for food.

7. Handout: food given free for charitable purposes.
8. Larder: It is the cool area where food is stored prior to use. Larder can also be used as a synonym for pantry or a cellar. Larders were in use when refrigerators were not in vogue.
9. Mess: A meal served to a group of people who routinely eat together, as a ship’s crew; also, that group of people or the location where they eat, or a certain amount of food. It also means a serving of soft and semi liquid food; also a hall where food is served .e.g. mess of a hostel.
10. Nourishment: It is something that nourishes the mind or the body. Most commonly it is food in the sense of something that satisfies the need to eat; also, the act or state of nourishing or being nourished. In other words these are substances that are necessary for growth, health and good condition.

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