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the vocabulary of foodMeat and fish are considered to be the most important part of people’s diets.  They can be cooked in various delicious ways. And  the most surprising part is that meat can have various cuts and various fishes  can find their ways into our mouth. But, before we begin to cook them, we really need to know the most basic names of all of them so that cooking them becomes  easy and at times even the conversations that are build around them.

Consume your share of 10 such meat and fishes filled words:

1) Fillet: It is a tender and boneless cut of meat or fish(also boneless fish), sometimes used to refer to the most prized cut of beef also. So, fillet can be used to refer to both. It is best suited for quick cooking. Lean and with almost no fat, the most expensive beef available and needs to be cooked with utmost care.

2) Steak: It is usually a cut of meat or fish. It is cut perpendicular to the muscle fibres in case of meant and perpendicular to the spine in case of fish.  Steaks of meat are grilled, broiled or fried and steaks of fish are baked usually.

3) Rump: It is a type of steak  which is located behind the loin and above the round.

4) Sirloin: It is a type of steak  which is right next to the rump. It is tougher than most steaks and with the shape of hip bone left in each cut of sirloin, it is further divided into many types of steaks.

5) T-Bone: It is a type of steak  which has a T-shaped bone in it with meat on each side. These steaks are one of the most high quality steaks.

6) Stewing: It is a method of cooking in which food is cooked by getting it to boil slowly which means simmering for long periods of time.

7) Poached Egg: An egg which is cooked gently in water that is heated just below the boiling water.

8 ) Salmon: Salmon is a common name for the fish that falls under the Salmonidae family. It is considered to be healthy due to the presence of protein and omega-3 fatty acids in it.

9) Cod: It is a cold water fish, available through out the year, it is a good substitute for meat protein and can also be cooked by almost all the methods.

10) Plaice: it is a fish from the flounder family. It is often used as  the chips. It can be filleted, battered and also pan-fried.

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