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the vocabulary of foodThis time we leave you with the picture of various types of cooking that you can employ in your kitchen. The favourite should be poach, as it is not only easy to cook, but also equally healthy for all the health conscious people. Whether you bake or grill, food is sure to be yummy and we would like a piece too if you can spare some for us…:)

Plus, today’s list includes terms we use to define the states that a food can be in.

So dig in:

1) Bake: Bake is a method of cooking where food is cooked by putting it in hot oven .i.e. in dry heat. This method takes away the moisture in food.

2) Grill: It is a method of cooking in which food is cooked by placing it on metal bars. This method is also called broiling. Here, the source of heat can either be an open flame generated from gas or can be electric. To grill means to cook food with high-temperature dry heat and meats to be cooked with this method should be tender and marinating can be used before grilling.

3) Overcooked: Overcooked food means a food item that has been cooked so much that it is dry/burnt, making it inedible.

4) Poach: To poach means to cook a food item like egg or fish in boiling/simmering liquid. E.g. poached egg is made in hot water.

5) Raw: Raw means that food item that has not been cooked with the application of heat or in simple words a food item that has not been cooked to make it edible.

6) Ripe: This term is used for grains and fruits when these are ready for harvesting .i.e. these have matured to be eaten.

7) Roast: To cook food with exposure to dry heat .e.g. roasting meat in a spit or in an oven towards the fire. Though roasting and baking means cooking in dry heat, there still is a difference between the two .i.e. those food items are baked, which do not have a structure, like cakes and those food items are roasted usually, which have a structure like chicken.

8 ) Rotten: A food item that is in the state of decay, emitting foul odour that indicates the decay.

9) Tough: A food item that is difficult to eat or to cut open.

10) Undercooked: A food item that has been insufficiently cooked or has not been cooked enough to be edible.

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