Picture for tingeA tinge is a small amount of something , especially a color or smell. Apart from color and smell , a tinge can also be used to denote small amount of other things, such as a tinge of sadness. A tinge will never bowl you over, it is always small and subtle.

Pronunciation: tinj

Meanings of tinge

1. to affect slightly, as with a contrasting quality
2. to impart a slight taste or smell to
3. to color or tint faintly
4. affect , as in thought or feeling

Sentence examples for tinge

1. Some teeth have a yellowish tinge, some are more beige – very few are actually ‘ white ‘.
2. I could clearly feel the tinge of envy in his voice after I had defeated him in the challenging race.
3. The plant was also used in dying clothes, giving a crimson tinge to linen cloth.

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