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This is one simple tale, which explores deep set prejudices prevalent in society at any time in the most simple of methods. The book is about a Black man ER Braithwaite who is born in British Guyana, to Oxford educated parents. He also goes on to attend a premier school and then a premier college in New York. He then enlists himself as a pilot for Britain during World War 2.

The book actually contains no war heroics of the author but begins at the end of World War 2. He is laid of the Air force and being a graduate in engineering he expects to find a job easily in the war torn nation of Britain. But then as is the case with most expectations in life, this is also to be belied. and thus is born this book, out of the reason for this refusal to be accepted by society, the reason being the color of the skin of the author.

The author is rejected in countless interviews, with various excuses being given but all actually amounting to be hollow. He ultimately lands up in a school which really does not have too distinguished a reputation, and there too he subject to ridicule. It is here that he uses all his resolve to overcome all the racial limitations he has been subjugated too and converts this into a blessing in disguise.

This is one book where in you are explained the virtues of perseverance. And my personal take from this book is very simple: whichever be the society (advanced or retrograde), injustice is prevalent in form or the other. And there will always be a human struggle on to overcome this. And it our these stories we should look up to model ourselves as citizens in any social environ.

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