picture for trancheTranche is a slice or a portion or a section.
But what kind of a section, portion or slice is it?
Let’s have a look:

  1. Greece needs a tranche of 12 billion euros before mid July or else it faces a meltdown in its economy.
  2. The institutional tranche of the offering was four times oversubscribed and the retail tranche, accounting for 10% of the offer, was slightly oversubscribed, another person familiar with the situation said.” –The Wall Street Journal: Samsonite Prices IPO at Bottom of Range
  3. “Yields on Portugal’s government debt continue to rise despite the receipt of the first tranche of a €78 billion bailout package from the European Union and International Monetary Fund.” –The Wall Street Journal: Moody’s Warns on Portuguese Banks

Tranche in Context:

Can you now easily co-relate the meaning of tranche in the given context?
In fact, in this small extract, there are a couple of words worth consideration other than tranche. The meanings of these words are listed below (kindly try to make sense of them in the given context):
Afloat: Float on water. In the given case, it means not to sink.
Bailout: Coming to the rescue, financially in this case.

The following is an extract from The Guardian used for educational purposes:  ‘It was never really in doubt that Greece would get the money it would need to stay afloat for a few more weeks. The attempt by the IMF to dictate the terms of the rescue to the eurozone, by threatening to withhold the next €12bn tranche of the bailout package agreed last year, was never going to work. Nor can there now be much doubt that a second EU support programme will be agreed this Sunday. Each move, however, will simply postpone judgment day.’

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