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Tudor vs Tutor – Confused between Tudor or Tutor?

Want to learn the difference between Tudor and Tutor? Tudor vs Tutor is an interesting comparison and you should most certainly learn the difference between these two words.We teach you when to use Tudor and when to use Tutor.

Word 1: Tutor (TOO tuhr, TYOO tuhr)
Meaning 1: A private instructor or a teacher.
Example Sentence: A went to a tutor last year to improve my grades in school

Meaning 2: A university teacher, usually a fellow graduate, who teaches and supervises undergraduate students assigned to him/her.
Example Sentence: During my PhD, I was assigned the job of a tutor to supervise a group of undergraduates for their final year project.

Meaning 3:A teaching assistant in some universities having rank lower than that of a teacher.
Example Sentence: The tutor was assigned to help weak students after college hours.

Meaning 4: To give instructions to pupil outside academics.
Example Sentence: I made some extra money while tutoring juniors in piano and guitar basics.

Word 2: Tudor (TOO duhr, TYOO duhr)
Meaning 1: An English royal dynasty (1485-1603).
Example Sentence: The last empress, Elizabeth-I, never married. So the Tudor dynasty ended with her death in 1603.

Meaning 2:Relating to the royal kings of England.
Example Sentence:The school curriculum includes chapters about the Tudors, so that children know about their own heritage.

Meaning 3: Relating to the architectural style that prevailed during the Tudor period.
Example Sentence: 2 stories of my house have been designed in the Tudor architectural style.

Example Sentence using both words:
My private tutor taught me about the Tudor history in detail.

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